Friday, 13 September 2013

What higher education networks are supported by the OLT in Australasia?

Networks in Australasian Higher Education

Did you know that the Office for Learning and Teaching has funded discipline based networks, state based networks and national networks to support the dissemination of grant project outcomes and embed good practice in learning and teaching in higher education? The funding of these networks including NATA, aims to consolidate existing connections in the sector and help foster new collegial and cross-institutional links to generate high-level collaborative approaches to teaching and learning issues. A list of all the networks (by category) including the name of the network coordinator can be found below. 

National Networks

Discipline Based Networks

State Based Networks (PENs- Promoting Excellence Networks)

If you are involved in one of the OLT funded networks and would like to share what your network is up to, please be in touch ( as we would be highly interested to communicate your activities. In addition, I have tried to include links to network websites, and where I was unable to find such websites, a link to the OLT network summary page has been provided. If your network has a project website which is not linked to, please let me know and I will update.

*The information on this page has been taken from the OLT website where more information can be found

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