Friday, 20 September 2013

The Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows (ALTF) network - Understanding the impact of Fellowships

The Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows (ALTF) network supports quality learning and teaching in higher education. With some 62 fellowships from across 24 institutions now having been undertaken since 2006, the network supports this group of leading educators to undertake strategic, high profile activities in areas of importance to the sector.

In May this year the network released a brief 4 page guide to the network titled "Take advantage of the passion and expertise of the Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows" which provides an overview of the network as well as detailing some key findings on the positive impacts of the Fellowships.

For more information on the network please visit the website or contact:

Professor Dawn Bennett (ALTF Convenor):
Dr Diane Costello (ALTF Project Manager):

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