Tuesday, 3 September 2013

An OLT Grant Application Handbook is now available on the Dehub website

Authors: R James and C McCormack
Published in 2013 by DEHub
"The handbook is designed for those committed to making a real difference in learning and teaching through an Office for Learning and Teaching grant, whether as a first time or veteran grant applicant. Its content spans generating ideas, project planning, considering teams and collaboration, to the budget and final submission. The handbook’s eBook format, plain language, hyperlinks, lift-out quotes, templates, resource materials and, most importantly, direct intersection with OLT grant requirements, makes it an essential companion guide when drafting an OLT grant application (Forward, p.6)."
This Handbook will be a useful resource for staff involved in supporting the development of OLT grant applications as well as those submitting applications.
The document and more information can be accessed here: http://www.dehub.edu.au/publications/books/

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