Tuesday, 3 December 2013

NATA acilite Symposium 2013

Ascilite 2013 Symposium Presentation


Understanding network leadership in Australasian Tertiary Associations:  

Communication a key element of success


Wed 4th Dec at 11:00am -11:40am


Presented by Mike Keppell, Gordon Suddaby, Helen Carter and Caroline Steel

Click here to view the complete ascilite conference program 

Symposium Overview

  •  About NATA
  • NATA Activities
  • Emerging Themes
  • Importance of Communication
  • ACODE Project Overview
  • ascilite Project Overview
  • Network Leadership
  • Key Resources

Symposium questions to engage to audience:

Network Engagement

1.What networks are you currently a member of?
2.With which do you feel most engaged with and why?
3.What do you see as the value of belonging to such a network?
Understanding Good Practice in Network Leadership
How do you understand network leadership? Are you or have you been a network leader? Are you a member of a network?
1.What do you see as the key functions or role of network leaders?
2.What do you see as the key challenges in effective network leadership?
3.What examples can you provide of good practice in network leadership?

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