Tuesday, 19 November 2013

NATA Update November 2013!

NATA Event and Network Sustainability

NATA continues to progress along with discussions turning towards the future and sustainability of the network into the new year. The NATA Event held on the 5th and 6th of November furthered this discussion with progress made around possible models, foci and value propositions a continuing NATA could offer key stakeholders.

For example, the benefits or value for network leaders in a continuing NATA included:

  • Possibilities to learn about good practices from others
  • Opportunities to discuss challenges
  • Resource sharing and mutual support
  • Mentorship for  new leaders

Whilst the potential benefits to partner associations listed included:
  • Having a stronger voice and greater influence
  • Help to avoid potential risks (financial, liability etc.)
  • Learning about executive functioning and leadership
  • Benchmarking between organisations
  • Coordination and collaboration regarding event scheduling and possible sharing of presenters etc.
NATA Value Proposition (initial draft ideas)


ascilite 2013
The NATA symposium for ascilite titled "Understanding network leadership in Australasian Tertiary Associations: communication a key element of success" has been scheduled for December 4, 11:45 - 12:25pm (W4.6) and will be presented by Mike Keppell, Gordon Suddaby, Helen Carter and Caroline Steel. The ascilite conference, 'electric dreams' will be held between the 1-4 of December 2013 at Macquarie University, Sydney. Click here to view the complete program.

Lilly Conference 2014
The presentation submitted to the Lilly Conference in February 2014 titled "Sharing learning and teaching experiences: An Australian perspective on evidence-based practice" was also recently accepted.

Other OLT supported Networks (National, Discipline, Promoting Excellence)

On Wednesday the 20th of November, the SANTPEN, ACEN SA?NT and HERDSA SA will host 'Network your Networks: working together to maximise knowledge and opportunities in teaching and learning'. a collaborative, full day event to be held at Flinders University. Focused on advancing the teaching and learning agenda through collaboration across institutions, disciplines and networks, a range of guest speakers will present on the day. To register and for more information click here - please note that if you are unable to attend in-person, the opening panel and keynote sessions will be streamed live.

GPR eResources

Work has once again focused on the organisation of a launch for the Good Practice Report eResources which are being developed. The tentative date for the launch is December 10 at 12pm AEDT with Netspot hosting a 1 hour webinar for the occasion. Final details are being confirmed with an official announcement due early next week so watch this space. The webinar will showcase several of the completed eResources as well as provide a forum for the authors to provide greater context and highlight the key value of their work.


12 principles for good practice in network leadership were presented at the NATA Event earlier this month which were informed by the NATA research. For example:

Principle #1
Network leaders need  to have strong personal networks to help inform / contextualise network practices and assist network dissemination.

NATA Partner Projects

The partner projects were presented at the NATA Event and drew considerable interest from all involved. All are underway however, are at different levels of completion. The Partner Project page here on the NATA blog has been updated and now provides greater detail of all the 5 projects.

Upcoming Key Dates:

  • 20 November 2013 'Network your Networks: working together to maximise knowledge and opportunities in teaching and learning'.
  • 4 December 2013 - NATA Symposium at ascilite

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