Monday, 10 September 2012

Evaluation Meeting with Tom - Some key considerations

September 5, 2012.

Mike and I met with Tom to discuss key ideas, assumptions and suggestions about the project that Tom had shared with us. Some of the key points from this discussion can be seen below:
  • It is important to be cognisant of what ‘sustainability’ (long-term) means, looks like and whether it is favourable?
  • The refined process of evaluation involved a two-level model whereby level 1 related to the Key Objectives and level 2, a Whole-of-Project Evaluation. The level 1 evaluation would involve reflections or partner organisations in response to a set of questions to be refined at the October meeting as part of the evaluation discussions. 
  • It is important not to focus too heavily on evaluation and lose sight of the project’s activities and objectives

We are happy to note that Tom will be joining us at the upcoming October Meeting (16th & 17th).

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