Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Social Media Toolkit - Supporting communication through social media

NATA would like to announce that the Council of Australian Directors of Academic Development (CADAD) has completed the online Social Media Toolkit, the main output from their NATA partner project. The toolkit is freely accessible ( and offers  a great range of resources aimed to support the capability development of network members in the use and affordances of social media. It also aims to improve connectivity and networking between Directors of Academic Development as well as with wider higher education stakeholders.

Image captured from the CADAD Social Media Toolkit website

The Social Media Toolkit consists of a range of pages that target certain topics. These include social networking, presentation sharing, video and photo sharing, research sharing, bookmarking, curation tools and podcasts. These pages detail some of the main tools or applications available for each of these functions, explore the different pros and cons of each as well as relating them back to the role of the educator and academic. Other information provided touches upon the importance of security when using social media as well as self-care and managing information overload.

The toolkit provides a valuable resource for those working in educations who are interested in developing their understanding and use of a range of social media related tools. We encourage you to access the website and share the link with colleagues.


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