Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Engaging Network Members: A NATA case study of a Contemporary Tertiary Sector issue.

New ACODE Project to Study Multiple Dimensions of Partner Engagement

NATA has commissioned a project to document an effective and efficient approach to engaging members involved in the investigation and scoping of a contemporary tertiary sector concern, and to establish a mechanism to publish the results, for example in similar fashion to the "7 Things you should know about …" series, from the Educause Learning Initiative[1]. The project is titled "Engaging Network Members: A NATA case study of a Contemporary Tertiary Sector issue", and will be led by ACODE members: Ric Canale (La Trobe University), Alan Arnold (University of Canberra) and David Green (Flinders University). A project review panel will comprise of James Sankar  (AARNet), Philip Uys (ASCILITE, Charles Sturt University) and Susan Stoney (CADAD, Edith Cowan University).

ACODE often identifies issues of sector-wide importance and collectively suggests approaches to solutions to contemporary issues on an ad hoc basis. There is clearly a need for this to be done more efficiently, taking advantage of its membership and member networks to document current challenges and provide timely informative briefs on sector-wide concerns. It was recently identified by ACODE that there is a need to investigate and scope a sector-wide approach to media management because of the growing use of digital video in Teaching and Learning, and for other purposes, within our institutions. 

This partner project will use Media Management as a case study for how to go about the process of engaging member institutions and network member associations to address a contemporary issue and subsequently develop a guide to the adopted process. Using this issue, the project will draw out the key elements for engaging network members, the factors required to jointly investigate an issue and finally for collectively writing a briefing document on an issue of current concern in a timely fashion.

Post by Ric Canale, ACODE Treasurer (Executive Member) and Associate Director CTLC, La Trobe University

[1] http://www.educause.edu/research-and-publications/7-things-you-should-know-about/7-things-you-should-know-about-learning-technology-topics


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