Thursday, 23 May 2013

Innovative Indigenous Teaching and Learning - The latest Good Practice Report published by the OLT

The 'Innovative Indigenous Teaching and Learning' Good Practice Report by Professor Nereda White, Dr Jack Frawley and Ms Dang Thi Kim Anh has recently been published by the OLT and can be found on their website along with the 10 other published Good Practice Reports.

"The review consists of three major sections. First, it provides a summative evaluation of the good practices and key outcomes for teaching and learning from completed ALTC projects and fellowships (as at February 2013) relating to the topic of Innovative Indigenous learning and teaching in higher education. Second, it presents a review of relevant Australian and international scholarly research and publications on the topic. Drawing on the observations from the review of ALTC projects and relevant literature, the final section, Recommendations, identifies areas in which further work or development is needed" (Extract from Innovative Indigenous Teaching and Learning Report - Overview, p.5).

These Good Practice Reports offer great insights through the development of key outcomes for learning and teaching related to specific topic areas, detailed project examples, recommendations for further work as well as drawing upon relevant literature.

NOTE: The OLT is currently seeking applications for commissioned projects including the development of new Good Practice Reports in the areas of Postgraduate research and coursework degrees and Standards (Due Friday 28th June, 2013).

More information about OLT commissioned projects including the Good Practice Reports can be found here on the OLT website.

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