Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Some points to reflect upon

We met up with Tom (project evaluator) to discuss the development and progress of the NATA. Some of the key points that emerged from that discussion included:

  • Turnover of network members/representatives remains a constant challenge in maintaining an effective network.
  • There is very little alignment or commonality of interest between what the PENS and NATA are doing; resulting in little motivation to engage with each other.
  • The NATA may achieve the project outcomes/deliverables but at the same time fail to deliver a sustainable network. These are two completely different outcomes which we need to consider. Moreover, if we can’t make it sustainable why is that?
  • Evaluation approach – Phase 1 completed, Phase 2 is being done through the 6-weekly meetings and Phase 3 will involve a more formal interview-based approach.

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