Friday, 13 July 2012

HERDSA - Some take aways...

The following are some personal 'take aways' from the HERDSA conference in Hobart:
  • Attendance at the HERDSA AGM and subsequent discussions with Shelda saw the idea of developing guidelines or role-specific guides for new members to the executive emerge. This would include guidelines in relation to expectations and responsibilities etc. for treasurers, presidents and other members of the executive which would help ensure a smooth transition into the relevant roles for new members.
  • Jarrod Green, a student and invited speaker, provided an-insider perspective on the student experience, what motivated him and provided him with rich learning opportunities. Jarrod emphasised the importance of the teacher's passion for teaching and the material they were imparting in student engagement and learning. Additionally, he promoted the role of the student in the learning process and questioned the continued use of the term 'lecturer' which implies a one directional flow of information, rather than promoting independent student learning, conversation and the questioning of ideas and assumptions. Jarrod graduated from the University of Tasmania (2011) with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science combined degree with First Class honours in Chemistry and a University Medal. 
  • Dr Kathy Takayama, a keynote speaker, highlighted the importance of recognising and understanding disciplinary differences in learning, teaching and expectations. This focus also continued in the exploration of the applicability of interdisciplinary approaches in the provocations.

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