Wednesday, 25 January 2012

National Networking Initiative - Sydney Symposium

The presidents of Peak Higher Education Professional Associations met to discuss issues of collaborations, sustainability and the role of the NNI to engage more strongly with members in the higher education professional associations. Fourteen participants attended the meeting held from the 23rd to the 24th of January in Sydney. The symposium had three key outcomes: 
  • develop a constructive working relationship 
  • develop a shared vision 
  • develop an overarching program for the first year of the NNI
During the highly engaging and productive two days the group discussed all aspects of the two year project that focuses on enhancing higher education networks for the benefit of learning and teaching in higher education.

The Sydney Symposium proved to be valuable in ‘getting all partners onto the same page’ and created a trustful, transparent and conducive working basis for the NNI. Partner organisations were enthused with the possibilities of the network and have been motivated to devote time and resources to the project. In particular the vision, mission and objectives were refined as well as the strategies and collaborative principles used to achieve the objectives. All aspects of the project were discussed including the involvement of partners, communications strategy and budget. The face-to-face symposium was an overwhelming success and the NNI plan to hold another symposium in October.

To view the meeting agenda click here.

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